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WordPress Website Design

D2 Advertising uses WordPress CMS for all our website designs. We can upgrade or redesign your current website or build a brand new one for your company. We also offer WordPress Hosting and a WordPress Website maintenance plan.

Why use WordPress CMS for your Website?

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS or content management system used to build websites. Its features include plugins and themes, and databases. This open-source nature and plugin architecture allow developers like us to take a bare-bones installation and turn it into an online shop, a photo gallery, a news website, a blog, or any other business website you desire.  Curious? Contact Us Today!

Before And After Web Design

Revive Fitness 2021 website Home Page Revive Fitness 2022 website Home Page

Revive Fitness

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Revive Fitness 2021 website Home Page
Revive Fitness 2021 website about us page
Revive Fitness 2021 website programs page
Revive Fitness 2021website specials Page
Revive Fitness 2021 contact us

Revive Fitness Before

When Arnold Kolozsvari, The Founder of Revive Fitness, came to the D2 Advertising office with his manager Emily Schultz,  they requested a total rebuild of his website. They wanted the same logo and blue accent color – but wanted all 18 web pages rebuilt with a more modern and cleaner design. We went over every page, as a team, together.

Arnold & Emily wanted a WordPress CMS site with more images of the Revive team and of their clients working out. They didn’t like the two line menus & page titles, and also requested a rebuilt contact form.  

To see more of Revive’s old site go here: https://web.archive.org/web/20210622162608/http://revivefitnesslife.com/



Revive Fitness After

D2 Advertising’s graphic & web designers started by downloading some of the old content Revive fitness wanted on the new site. We optimized images for speed and text for SEO purposes. We streamlined & condensed the menu & took off the page titles. We used a more modern look accompanied by cleaner navigation & clearer value proposition. We then created a WordPress staging site on our D2 cloud Servers and started building each new page. 

We added many new and optimized images to showcase the Revive team, clients & gym. Hence, A lighter, more modern look accompanied by cleaner navigation, a clearer value proposition, and great use of color. 

To see more of Revive’s new website go here: https://revivefitnesslife.com/

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Revive Fitness 2022 website Home Page
Revive Fitness 2022 website Home Page
Revive Fitness 2022 website specials Page D2 Advertising
Revive Fitness 2022 website programs page
Revive Fitness 2022 contact us

D2 can Host your current WordPress website on our D2 Cloud Servers. Our experts will transfer all your files and databases in a timely manner! 

D2 Advertising provides you with an all-in-one  WordPress website maintenance package that will keep your website secure and up to date. 

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