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A brand or a business gains much success if its marketing strategies include both traditional and digital marketing. Traditional marketing plays a significant role to make a brand stand out. Traditional media strategies like billboard advertising, magazines, Radio, and TV produce excellent results if they are executed efficiently.

If you are drafting for your next campaign then traditional marketing definitely deserves a seat. We, D2ads, provide you with the best Florida media specialists that make your brand gets recognized in no time. Our media experts comply with the latest traditional media trends and produce catchy marketing strategies that get the viewers’ attention in seconds.

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ACA has partnered with Brittani and the D2 team for over 10 years, and I can honestly say she is a pleasure to work with. From social media, digital marketing to conventional TV commercials, she’s a guru. Brittani is results focused, innovative, and shows a willingness to go above and beyond to get positive results for her clients.

-Bob Lietz
President, ACA Productions

Traditional Media Services


At D2 Advertising, we specialize in creating, producing, and placing TV commercials and we do it with great success! We understand that in today’s marketplace, budgets for TV need to be cost effective and the commercials must produce results.

That is why we focus on providing the right message, placed on the best media platforms, and most of all produced to create results. When you speak with our TV advertising experts you will know right away why our commercials look great and move viewers to action!

Are you combining the reach of your TV commercials with the power of Digital Marketing?

Video SEO is the key ingredient!

Just uploading your Television commercial to the Internet is not enough. To get your video in front of interested shoppers in your area you need search engine optimization experts that can effectively optimize and place your videos so they are actually viewed in your market area.

Brittani Preschel at Dayton Alfa Romeo Dealership
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More than eighty years after the world’s first station was founded, radio is still the most pervasive, accessible, affordable, and flexible mass medium available, – Bruce Girard

Perhaps true, but there are lots of decisions to make. The message, the market, the budget, the day-part – reach and frequency – tone and manner. A lot to decide, but our professionals will readily guide you through the process. We make radio easy. From production to placement to measurement, we deliver impactful, cost effective, radio advertising.


Bold, Brief, Basic, and sometimes maybe just a little BAD.

We are not writing a book here. It is quick, to the point, fast, and disruptive,. A bold visual helps, and we are really good at bold visuals. You got about ten seconds to make your point. You communicate your message in a dozen words or less, ideally six words or less. As in “Got Milk ?”, or :

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Be the Envy of Rush Hour

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Be the Envy of Rush Hour - 6 words. Got it. Good.

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Even in the new digital world, even for a digital first advertising agency, there is still a place, a time and a target audience for print advertising. It can be an effective part of the advertising mix especially when combined with more disruptive digital advertising vehicles.

We specialize in developing powerful copy and matching it with memorable visuals to get your message to your audience via the appropriate medium. It’s not rocket science, it’s not new or trendy, but it can be an effective part of the overall marketing mix when well-placed and well-executed.

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