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Television Production Services

At D2 Advertising, we specialize in creating, producing, and placing TV commercials and we do it with great success! We understand that in today’s marketplace, budgets for TV need to be cost effective and the commercials must produce results.

That is why we focus on providing the right message, placed on the best media platforms, and most of all produced to create results. When you speak with our TV advertising experts you will know right away why our commercials look great and move viewers to action!

Are you combining the reach of your TV commercials with the power of Digital Marketing?

Video SEO is the key ingredient!

Just uploading your Television commercial to the Internet is not enough. To get your video in front of interested shoppers in your area you need search engine optimization experts that can effectively optimize and place your videos so they are actually viewed in your market area.

Brittani Preschel at Dayton Alfa Romeo Dealership
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D2 Video Production Services

D2 provides value to your audience with high quality video content. Video production is not only about pressing a start button on your camera, it consists of many other phases that a viewer is not familiar with. On the other hand, Simply producing a video is not enough, a successful marketing or advertising strategy is required to get it recognized by the viewers

Video advertising is another emerging marketing technique that is being followed by 85% of the followers nowadays. It helps your brand be recognized in no time by gaining the attention of the viewers quickly.

D2 advertising has the solution for both of your video production and advertising problems. We have a professional and creative video production team to get your video prepared by implying your idea and following all the latest video production trends.

At D2 advertising, we provide you with amazing video advertising ideas and give you the best result that can leave you amazed.

The four phases of video production are:


Development is the least recognized, the most boring and the most important part of the production process. It is where the hard decisions are made. The key question is what’s the objective – to educate, inform, persuade, sell?  In our case, in most instances it is all four.  However, often we will have a focus or emphasis on selling. So our objective may be to sell more whatever during the Holiday season. Then it is the old – who, what, when, where, and why. The why is why do I care. What motivates me to take action and bring my business to D2’s client. Last is the tone and manner. It is serious or humorous. Hard hitting or soft and consultative. Loud and disruptive or subtle and soothing. In the end, all of those decisions are captured on one page with the title “Creative Guidelines”. 

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D2 Advertising at Tamiami Ford Video Production


Once we have the Creative Guidelines it is off to Pre-Production. The key elements of Pre-Production are:

A.    Scripting / Story Boarding: What’s the story? The message? What are the words that best communicate the message we are working to deliver. But it is not just an audio medium it is a video medium. So what are the images, the scenes, the shots, that best support the words and maximize the effectiveness of our communication. When the words are matched to a shot that vehicle is called a story board. A series of story boards laid out in the proper succession create the outline for the video.

B.  Budgeting: What does it cost to produce the video? What are the cost components? At D2 our budgets are typically much smaller than other agencies. Largely because we do almost everything in house form scripting, to production, to post-production. We have talented writers that can craft the message and our own highly experience and industry recognized in-house production team that execute the shoot and manage post production. We prefer to save resources on production to fund distribution of the video. Getting it viewed by the largest target audience.

C.  Talent/Casting: Selection of the actresses or actors best suited to deliver the message. Sometimes the business has an established spokesperson that may be used in the video. In other cases, the Owner or General manager is a established and effective spokesperson for the enterprise. 

D. Rehearsal: At the end of the preproduction phase and before the actual video shoot begins the video is rehearsed with the cast. Who says what, where are they, how and where do they move, what’s the emotion, and where is the emphasis, etc. 


The cast may be a single spokesperson or a group of multiple people. Often the cast may be very experienced and/or the video may be one of several in a series with similar elements. 

If the cast is experienced, the rehearsal make take place immediately before the actual production begins. This saves the client money without sacrificing quality as it increases the efficiency of the production. The practice of having a quick rehearsal just before the start of production is referred to as a “walk thru”.


Now – The fun part. All of the hard work has been done and the tough decisions have been made. The writers have crafted the message, the talent and location selected and the production team has set the stage. Off camera lighting illuminates the set, the cameras are positioned for every angle and the talent is ready to roll with the roles. Best of all, someone actually gets to say – Action!

The output of all of this planning, staging, and shooting is an oversupply of raw footage. Far more footage than we will actually use, but the right amount of footage to get what we need. Now the real work begins. We are off to Post-Production 

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Video editor in web online production conference with project manager on video call

Post Production:

This is where the magic happens and our head magician, Dan the Production Man, is a master of post-production. Post-production is the editing portion of the video production process. It is here that Dan not only pieces  together the raw footage, but may add music, voiceovers, sound effects and visual effects. Elements like volume, color grading and sequencing can be adjusted for maximum impact. This is where the video comes together into one compelling and cohesive story. All the components are masterfully assembled to create one work of art designed to inform, persuade, convince and ultimately sell the target audience.

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