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Sports Marketing

“Decades of experience, hundreds of millions of dollars invested”

The leadership team at D2 Advertising has an extraordinary depth and breadth of sports marketing experience. From identification to negotiation to implementation we manage the process with seamless continuity and seemingly effortless efficiency. 

Our expertise is rooted in experience earned over decades of event marketing and sports marketing management. The talented team at D2 has negotiated, structured, and implemented marketing programs with leading sports properties, including the: NFL, NBA, NASCAR, IRL, and USOC. The talented team at D2 has negotiated and implemented hundreds of millions of dollars of programs in the sports marketing arena.

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Event Production


We deliver events that are on point, on plan, and on budget”                                                                                                               ~Brittani Preschel


We deliver events that are on point, on plan and on budget and we handle every step of the process with fanatical focus and attention to detail.  From ideation, to planning to implementation and evaluation, we’ve got you covered every step of the way.

It starts with a well-developed statement of the event objectives. If it is not on strategy, consistent with the brand and the business plan, the event is over before it starts. 

Ideation requires a boundless sense of creativity, combined with a willingness to be daring and a dash of adventurism. All rooted in a foundation of cost management and implementation experience. 

The choices, decisions, and options are seemingly endless – Location, talent, setting, audio, seating, décor, music, food, capacity, presentations, speakers, VIP’s, celebrities, invitations, publicity. It can seem daunting, but we have successfully managed the process countless times, so it is all second nature to us.

Unforgettable impressions, long-lasting connections, and measurable results define the events that we ideate and produce. Be it corporate, private, sporting, or virtual events, we guide the process as we bring your event from idea to experience.  The events we produce include: 

  • Sports Events and Sports Hospitality
  • Grand Openings
  • Premiers
  • New Product Introductions and Unveils
  • Competitions and Award Shows
  • Company parties
  • Celebrations
  • VIP experiences
  • Themed parties
  • Auctions
  • Music festivals
  • Conferences
  • Networking events
  • Workshops


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