D2 Advertising


At D2, we take a holistic approach to all marketing efforts online and offline.

Integrating your current website and marketing efforts with our best practices for website promotion management, email marketing support, and social media marketing will help drive more traffic overall to your website and phone calls to your BDC.

Simply, more bang for the buck. Actually,  a lot more bang for the buck. 

 Yes, it is a tall order, but it is our absolute conviction that we can significantly increase your acquisitions while at the same time lowering your cost of acquisition.  

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D2 Advertising Influencer Marketing

How? Why? A number of reasons.


We have been doing this for many years with incredible success and currently provide our guidance to over eighty (80) clients. We are a Google Premier Partner and a Facebook Certified Agency.


Other advertising agencies say “oh yea, we have someone down the hall that does digital marketing” Yea, right. Our agency was built on digital marketing. We are a Digital First agency. Sure we love to produce client creative, execute traditional and linear advertising as well or better than the other guys. Our expertise in digital advertising is unrivaled and unchallengeable.

Breadth of Resources

We have extraordinary talented digital advertising mavens and plenty of them. D2 has experts in each of the key areas that really drive digital advertising from strategy, to planning, to budget management and implementation.


We are planning and executing hundreds of programs monthly for our client partners most of whom have monthly budgets in the $50k to $125K range. That’s a lot of spend, a lot of buying expertise, and a lot of clout.


We are all about passion and commitment. Passionate about what we do and our desire to be the best. Committed to our profession, our clients, their business, and all of our futures. We are D2 advertising. We are the digital difference and the digital advantage.

What we create

Location Based-

We are able to find the customers you seek based on this rapidly flourishing marketing approach called Location Based Targeting.

Search Engine
Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective and cost efficient ways to market and promote your products and business.

Social Media
Advertising (SMA)

If you’re looking to reach your target audience fast, SMA is a must.

Reputation Management

Reputation management is not only a core competency, but an outright passion of ours.

Media Relations /
Media Buying

It is all about experience, expertise, and clout. Translated - buying power. D2 is a full service media research, planning, buying and advertising agency.

Traditional Media

At D2 Advertising, we specialize in creating, producing, and placing TV commercials and we do it with great success!

Graphic & Website Design

A website is much more than a landing page or digital advertisement for your brand or company.

Video Production / Video Advertising

The next new standard in how we view media marketing content is 4K Video Production.

Events / Sports Marketing

A successful sports or event marketing campaign can linger in the minds of consumers for years.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the elite marketing channels for business communication, known for having the highest ROI as it outperforms all other online marketing strategies.

Public Relations

If you are looking for a traditional public relations firm that offers the entire suite of “spin doctor” services we are not the agency for you.

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of actively helping your website rank higher than your competitors in search results for the right keywords that will bring you leads, more traffic and more sales.