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D2 has been serving the home/solar/satellite security industry in Florida for the past years. We provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on home/solar/satellite security cameras with professional, friendly customer service. We take pride in the quality of our product, the value of our services, and the value of our customer’s relationship with us.

We provide an integrated suite of products and services, including security cameras, satellite, and solar energy systems. Our experience has allowed us to develop strong partnerships with leading manufacturers and installers of home/solar/satellite security equipment, enabling us to bring quality products and services to customers at competitive prices. 

As one of the best home security companies in Florida, we are now ready to take the next step in developing our services in the home security FL industry by providing complete and quality solutions. We can help you find the right security system or any other related products and services for your needs.

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We are fundamentally in the customer acquisition business. We identify, capture, and convert high potential prospects and deliver them to our clients. And we do efficiently, very efficiently. How do we know how efficient we are? Simple, everything is readily measurable. We draw a clear cause and effect. We drill down and deliver a definitive CPA – Cost Per Acquisition. We show our clients the exact cost to acquire a customer, a thousand customers, or a hundred thousand customers.

While we excel at customer acquisition, we really thrive on subscriber acquisition. It’s the same thing right? Not really. In most segments customers have a need to make a purchase in a specified time period. Therefore, the window to acquire them is well defined. My lease is up on my car in 90 days, therefore, by day ninety one, I must make a purchase decision – I need to get a new lease or buy a vehicle. I need a hotel room in Miami on March 31st. I can procrastinate and wait until the morning of March 31, but I have to make the purchase decision on or before March 31.

Now on the other hand take the subscriber prospective customer. They usually lack any time constraint. Mary’s been intrigued by the idea of solar power for her home for some time. She likes the idea of saving money on her monthly energy bill. Plus, she really doesn’t like the electric company. Actually, like many Americans, Mary hates her electricity provider. However, there is no time deadline for Mary to drop the electric company and switch to solar power.

Just like Mary, Bob is thinking about switching from his current cable television provider to DIRECTV. He is interested in DIRECTV’s “NFL Sunday Ticket” package as he is a huge NFL fan. But then again, he hears that sometimes the satellite signal is very good, or totally unavailable, during a snowstorm.

Both Mary and Bob are prospects, good prospects. Both are homeowners, with solid incomes and excellent credit scores. However, neither Mary nor Bob have converted yet.

What Bob and Mary need is motivation. An opportunity, an incentive to move them from their passive, dormant stage into an active acquisition stage.

Motivation is our stock and trade at D2 and innovation is our passion. When we apply innovation to a well structured promotion plan and support it with a well planned and efficient communication platform, we can often create real magic. It becomes motivation on steroids.

Take the program our team developed for DIRECTV. We formed partnership alliance programs with key retailers to facilitate the sale of high-ticket DIRECTV subscriptions. We identified high potential partners, structured a promotional platform, and helped negotiate the deal.

We built a promotional platform based upon a limited time special DIRECTV offer and combined it with a $100.00 Gift Card for the retailer partner. The DIRECTV incentive price combined with the $100.00 gift card provided substantial motivation for the consumer to act. The retailer loved it because DIRECTV was funding a $100.00 Gift Card good only at their retail outlets. Plus as a bonus the offer was “self-targeting”. Bed Bath & Beyond customers got a $100 BB&B gift card while AutoZone customers got a $100.00 AZ gift card.

But how to overcome the objection that we don’t want to give up valuable shelf space or ad space to sell DIRECTV. We are in the home accessories, auto parts, consumer drug, or home improvement business. We’re not in the business of selling satellite television subscriptions.

Innovation was the answer. We developed a system whereby brand specific offer brochures were inserted into the retailers check-out bags. We took the bags from the bag manufacturer, inserted the offer and delivered them to the retailers distribution system. The retailer had to do absolutely nothing. The bags arrived at the retail store, just the way they usually did, but with the offer already inserted. The store personel’s effort to implement the program – ZERO.

The customer takes their purchase home, opens the bag and bingo they are hit with a very compelling offer that includes a $100.00 gift card for the store where they just made a purchase.

THE RESULT. Hundreds of thousands of DIRECTV subscriptions are sold each year over a 4-year time horizon. That’s innovation and motivation at work.

Reviews from clients

Brittani and D2 Advertising take a granular approach to digital. What I appreciate most is that the strategy isn’t a one size fits all approach, she and her team take into account the specific dealership’s own strengths in conversion and content. D2 understands the holistic benefit to an integrated approach between search, social, and SEO.

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Brett Morgan CEO, Morgan Auto Group

I have done business with Britney Preschel and D2 Advertising for over 10 years. She took me kicking and screaming into the digital/social media age. And that was not an easy task. She is extremely talented and knowledgeable on all things digital. It’s like she can picture it in her mind with ease.

It has been a pleasure and a gift to have her on my side all these years.

Michael Deardoff Vice President, Deardoff Automotive Group