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Health and Wellness Marketing

The goal of the D2 Ads team is to create a brand and media strategy that will position the health and wellness industries as leaders in their respective fields. Our expertise ranges from creating strategic campaigns to branding and messaging across different platforms, including print, web, video, social media, and mobile. We are also adept at developing and managing traditional media in Florida. Whether you are interested in print or digital ads, we can help you reach your target audience and get results.

Our advertisement approach provides high-quality advertising for your business to gain a high return on investment. Our philosophy is to produce ads that increase sales and drive traffic to your website and social media pages through health and wellness marketing strategies. This approach has proven effective with many clients in the health and wellness industry.

We help deliver more patients, clients, or customers to our health and wellness clients. We use our expertise and experience to effectively deliver an effective and appropriate advertising and digital marketing program to the marketplace.

Reputation is the be all and end all in the health and wellness sector. It is absolutely imperative that you guard, protect, enhance and promote your reputation at every opportunity and with every patient interaction. D2 provides an entire suite of comprehensive services to allow you to present the best reputation possible to your patient community. Of course, there is always going to be that person with an ax to grind. It is not fair, it is unreasonable and self-serving, but we know how to deal with it. Sometimes it is as simple as a numbers game, whereby we bury the negative review in an avalanche of D2 generated positive reviews.

Of course you also need to work to maintain a steady flow of patients even if you have a stellar reputation As we have said, we are in the customer acquisition business. We identify, capture, and convert high potential prospects and deliver them to our health and wellness clients. And we do efficiently, very efficiently. How do we know how efficient we are? Simple, everything is readily measurable. We draw a clear cause and effect. Customer acquired – here’s how. More importantly, customer acquired, here’s the cost? We drill down and deliver a definitive CPA – Cost Per Acquisition. We show our clients the exact cost to acquire a customer.

Whether you are in a single doctor practice, a group with multiple practitioners and locations, or a large hospital or group of hospitals. We will combine our experience, expertise, and vision with an unwavering commitment to you and your patients.

Reviews from clients

Brittani and D2 Advertising take a granular approach to digital. What I appreciate most is that the strategy isn’t a one size fits all approach, she and her team take into account the specific dealership’s own strengths in conversion and content. D2 understands the holistic benefit to an integrated approach between search, social, and SEO.

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Brett Morgan CEO, Morgan Auto Group

I have done business with Britney Preschel and D2 Advertising for over 10 years. She took me kicking and screaming into the digital/social media age. And that was not an easy task. She is extremely talented and knowledgeable on all things digital. It’s like she can picture it in her mind with ease.

It has been a pleasure and a gift to have her on my side all these years.

Michael Deardoff Vice President, Deardoff Automotive Group