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D2 Ads specializes in online marketing for franchises and retailers in Florida. As a franchise marketing agency, we are an industry-leading digital advertising solution that helps retail companies in Florida attract consumers through their websites. The system has been designed specifically to generate the right traffic so that businesses get the desired results. 

As part of this, D2 will also help you with lead generation and conversion. We specialize in search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC, direct mail, mobile marketing, email marketing, and much more. If you are looking to increase your sales and bring in new customers, D2 Ads is here for you with its best franchise and retail promotion strategy. Contact us today and learn more about how we can improve your business!

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We are fighters. Agile advertising aggressors. Warriors of words leading an army of advertising techniques, platforms, and mediums.. We battle for share – share of mind, share of market, share of audience – everyday. We battle with a well constructed and funded plan composed of the weaponry of our trade. The battle plan may include; television, radio, and print advertising, email blasts, search engine marketing, geo-fencing, search engine optimization, direct mail, public relations or event marketing.

What we love about retail is that the battle is constantly resetting. It is never over. You won today, ah but tomorrow. You never get to rest on your achievements. The celebrations of success are frequent, but fast as you are quickly on to your next fight. You deliver a record setting Memorial Day weekend. Well then you’d better do the same, or better, for the 4th of July. A great 2nd quarter, wonderful but here comes Q3. In 2020 we helped many of our clients attain all-time record sales, but on January 1 2021, all they care about is 2021. As it should be.

It takes the experience and expertise to cost effectively deliver a seemingly unending supply of customers. The right message delivered via the right medium at the right time. The expert and effective use of every advertising dollar. The formation of a well crafted plan and the diligent oversight of the entire process.

Yes, we have the experience and expertise to deliver success. But we also have the commitment and dedication to do the painstakingly hard work. To submerge ourselves in the minutia and the mundae all in the endless pursuit of excellence. We did it yesterday and today, and we will do it tomorrow.

Reviews from clients

Brittani and D2 Advertising take a granular approach to digital. What I appreciate most is that the strategy isn’t a one size fits all approach, she and her team take into account the specific dealership’s own strengths in conversion and content. D2 understands the holistic benefit to an integrated approach between search, social, and SEO.

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Brett Morgan CEO, Morgan Auto Group

I have done business with Britney Preschel and D2 Advertising for over 10 years. She took me kicking and screaming into the digital/social media age. And that was not an easy task. She is extremely talented and knowledgeable on all things digital. It’s like she can picture it in her mind with ease.

It has been a pleasure and a gift to have her on my side all these years.

Michael Deardoff Vice President, Deardoff Automotive Group