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D2 Advertising is a Florida-based advertising agency that specializes in fulfilling automotive industry’s marketing needs. We provide marketing solutions to automotive dealerships across the USA. Our main goal is to make the marketing process simpler and more effective.  We use the latest digital marketing techniques in order to increase our client’s sales and save money at the same time.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best, high-quality, cost-effective automotive advertising and automotive digital marketing solutions. We know that every industry has its challenges, and we work hard to provide solutions that meet those challenges and keep our clients and their customers satisfied.

D2 Advertising at Tamiami Ford Video Production
D2 Advertising at Tamiami Ford Video Production

Automotive Advertising is at the very core of who we are at D2. We started as an automotive advertising agency and the segment continues to represent the largest share of our business today. We love selling cars and trucks, and we excel at it. We combine our passion for the business, an unwavering commitment to excellence, D2’s unsurpassed digital advertising expertise. and a deep understanding of the industry to deliver for our clients.

When we acquire a new client, we often help them achieve a record sales month within the first four months of being hired. When it first started we were absolutely thrilled. Now it happens so often that it has become  the norm. It has become routine for us, but remains a thrill for each new client with the experience. Whether it be a multi-store / multi-state group or a single independent dealer, we drive results for partners that are committed to the process.

Automotive Marketing by D2 Advertising
Daytona Maserati Event

We know how to generate more quality opportunities enabling our clients to close more deals. This is not a “set and forget” process. It is a continual and constant endeavor whereby we monitor results, evaluate platforms, and allocate resources to the best- performing opportunities.

It is somewhat like driving a race car at Le Mans. You don’t just mash the accelerator and hope for the best. You rapidly accelerate into a well-crafted plan, continually adjusting and tweaking your approach as you advance. You steer, brake, and accelerate, again and again, with each maneuver designed to respond to an ever-changing course, conditions, traffic, opportunities, and competitive behavior. The same is true of your ad campaign. It needs to be responsive and nimble, able to quickly respond based upon our “deep dive” analytics and ever-changing market conditions.

“You don’t need a bigger budget. You need an agency that can make more efficient and effective use of your existing budget.”

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