D2 Advertising

The D2 team met with Genesis of Naples in October of 2019.
We had been referred to them by a GM that had worked with us at another client.

Background and Challenge

We found the management and ownership to be very professional and extraordinarily capable. Their dealership was in an upscale market, had a good location, and an excellent reputation. The store was managed for many years by a very personable, capable, and successful GM. The dealership had an experienced sales team that consistently delivered good volume with margins that were at or above target. Their sales were consistently in the mid-range of their region. Overall, their performance was impressive for a store in an affluent, but relatively small market.

It seemed to us that business and life were pretty good at Genesis of Naples. After all, luxury vehicles and Naples, Florida, would seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or perhaps more appropriately, caviar and champagne.

Strategic Revitalization

Unleashing Potential at Genesis of Naples
They hired us and our partnership began on Oct 1, 2019. We immediately evaluated the CRM, dealership process, and competitive set. We increased their search and display campaign performance and put a greater focus on competitive brands. We rolled up our sleeves alongside management and dug into the CRM. We evaluated their advertising budget and made significant adjustments to their spend. (on different channels and tactics) or layered in key mobile strategies like geofencing and share of garage conquesting.

The key we reallocated their ad spend, made it more efficient and effective, without increasing the advertising budget.

The results more leads and, more importantly, better-quality leads. Those superior leads, combined with an established and capable sales team, drove consistent improvement in monthly sales volumes.

The efforts led to results, and the results produced achievements, and the achievements just kept on coming.

The Bottomline They were right, they could do better. And we were honored to partner with them and work shoulder-to-shoulder together to help them not only achieve but surpass their goals.